Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Salvaged Wood Trees with a Story

 They don't build
them like 
they used to.


This is all that was left when I drove by.  As soon as we were in view my husband heard an audible gasp of disbelief and saw my watery eyes and knew exactly what had caught my attention.  His response was "oh, I'm so sorry honey"  an automatic response of condolence, like this was a personal affront to me.  In reality, although I have driven past this house pretty regularly since childhood this was not my house, I never knew the people who owned it or where the family is now, I've never been inside or walked the wraparound porch that graced most of this home.  Even so, to see it like this was heartbreaking to me and even worse is knowing that many more grand old homes are being torn down to make way for fancy new subdivisions.  

I know it's economics, housing for people moving into our area by the masses, people bring money, they find and create jobs, they boost our economy.  But it's just hard having been raised here and remembering all the dirt roads and barns and fields and ponds that have all disappeared and been replaced with houses and shopping.  I get it... I love to shop too. 

Thankfully I had my Hubby with me and we were riding in his big red truck!

 As my sweet and charming husband got out to talk with the demolition crew I sat patiently waiting all doe eyed in the passenger seat while our three year old was singing ' Twinkle Twinkle Little Star ' in the back (in broad day light). 

I saw the foreman look my way and shake his head, apparently his wife is crazy too because just then my hubbs waved me over.   He was sweet enough to walk around the perimeter with us and pulled out any planks of wood I pointed at.  Unfortunately most of the house was already down and carried to the landfill, so all we could see was just a pile of wood.  

We were able to get enough beaded board planks and trim for some projects but not much more than that.  So the other day I fired up the chop saw and went to work.  

 I loved how these trees turned out and that I know exactly where they came from.  Even if I can't save a whole house I'm happy that I can at least make something joyful from the destruction of it.


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