Our Home

Welcome to our little cottage, 

This house was built in the late 1980's as a 1.5 story "transitional" design and is made up of three bedrooms and two baths, it has a shotgun style living room with a straight path from the front door to the back, a little dining nook, and a fairly spacious galley kitchen.  

Although it is just under 1300sqft on a quarter of an acre this little charmer has a lot of potential and some pretty features that just need a little attention.

I am in love with 100+ yr old homes and really want to add that kind of charm to our small cottage as much as possible.  My overall goal is to add character and life to our builder basic home and to give it an identity, taking it from a lost "transitional" design to a farmhouse cottage filled with love and life.  

In this day and age of more, bigger, better and over the top.  I am desperate and hopeful to teach my family and remind myself that bigger is not always better.  That life can be just as Wonder-full and Beauty-full and Peace-full in a little cottage on a quarter acre.  

Dining Nook
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Main Bath 
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I will obviously be adding more links as we go thru the house and make changes, it is a slow process as we prefer to get our hands dirty and do the majority of the work ourselves on a very tight budget. I am excited to LOVE every inch of this home and work with what we have to make it perfect for our family.  Some changes will be bigger than others but they will all be beautiful.

Thanks for visiting!!!