Monday, October 5, 2015

Mini Mason Jars

Twinkle  Twinkle
Little Star
Shine Bright in 
Your Mason Jar

Thank goodness the heat and humidity is (maybe) over.... I say that because you never really know in the South.  Monday it's hot and humid then Wednesday you're snuggled up in flannel only to step outside on Saturday and be drenched in sweat again.  I've lived in the south all my life and for some reason it still catches me off guard.  

The only sure sign of fall is obviously the brightly colored falling leaves which I LOVE, but in case you haven't noticed's getting dark about 7:30 now.  I just assume God timed it that way so we can still get outside and enjoy a nice bon-fire with out freezing our hind quarters off.  

Either way, now it time to add extra lighting to some of your favorite spaces.  I tend to lean more towards string lights in the spring/summer and candles in the fall/winter.  For some reason I think I can feel the warmth coming from such small flames. 

You can even turn your candles into string lights like I did with these mini mason jar candles.  Just tie up a bit of twine and hang them away from anything that could catch fire.  It adds such a warm and fun ambiance to the chilly evenings on the deck.



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