Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Updates on the room most lived in.

We have been busy little beavers over here and I'm so excited that things are finally calming down, for a while at least.  It seems like we always get caught up in a crippling stand off when it come to house stuff, a battle of the wills..or will nots..or budgets..or screw the budget 

Okay snapping right back to reality now..  Everything we do around here runs on a tight budget and most of the time I like the challenge.  It's like a giant Tetris game of trying to make all the pieces fit with little time and just enough space,  some how I've figured out how to do most of what I want done and often times that involves a lot of good ole fashioned bartering.

It started with scraping the lovely 1980's popcorn off of our ceilings, which was exhausting but also convienient since I counted it as an upper body work out.  Seriously try being 5'2" and scraping over 400 sqft. of ceiling that is several feet over your head (up the ladder, spray, scrape, down the ladder, move the ladder, repeat often).

Once all that was done, it was sanding which made me look like the abominable snowman.  
Then priming and then painting the beautifully flat new ceiling!

After that we moved onto painting over the golden mustard colored walls that were all the rage with the tuscan decor style that I got sucked into over a decade ago.. :/  

They are now an amazing shade of blue/gray/green from Behr called Horizon Gray.

It's super cool how the wall color changes with the light, it's a light blue gray in the daylight and more of a green beige under lamp light.

Then the cherry on top... I spent my days painting sheds (another upper body workout) in exchange for a custom bookcase which was built for the back wall of my living room. We beefed up the trim and painted it Pottery Barn's  'Simply White'.  I would love to say there was a researched and tested train of thought behind picking the "perfect" white for the space, but honestly I was so fried at this point that I just  picked what Pinterest told me to and it ended up being perfect! 
YAY for a Pinterest win! 

That was what this space has been needing for so long!

Ahhh...  It's amazing how dumb I felt since it took me so long debating if I really wanted to put a bookcase in that back corner or not...  It completed the room and added so much instant charm and warmth, don't even get me started on the storage and practicality of it.

All of this had to be done back to back.. since our house is small and EVERY square foot of it is put to good use it's not like we could just sit back and take a break while we avoid the rooms that are "in progress".   There are no short cuts in our house, you really have to walk thru the whole thing to get from the kitchen to the bathroom, or bedroom, or upstairs, or back deck...  It may have taken a while but I am so happy with the outcome, I laugh and shake my head every time I think of how long it took me to get up the nerve and actually get it done.  

Life lesson...  Just do it!  Nike is so wise :)


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