Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Family bathroom gets a makeover ~

You guys remember that brown bathroom that I posted about (here) a while back, the one that I loved how it looked bathed in candle light and bubbles,  so relaxing and calm and adult.  Well with a toddler running around like a crazy person that just wasn't practical anymore.  

This bathroom is our only downstairs bath and is located in the hall between the living room and our bedroom, which means that not only does it need to look pretty and clean for our guests, but it also needs to serve a practical purpose for hubby and I. 

 I love having these tea towels in here instead of the normal hand towels, it makes the room feel more like a part of the rest of the house.

Even 'little bit' can come in here and wash up (mostly) on her own.

We've really enjoyed having a fresh new bathroom that functions well for the whole family.

Thanks for stopping by. 


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