Friday, August 28, 2015

Hey...Don't have a Cow, have a ton of them really, I like cows... even though they have a disgusting bad breath...
I mean fill every nook and cranny with a picture or a figurine or an actual Cow itself if you can!

This girl right here, I am such a sucker for Cows and absolutely LOVE that they are trending right now....

Seriously the Owls are cute and one of my baby's favorite animals, and Deer... I mean who doesn't love Deer? I love Deer as much as the next person but the one I adore the one that melts my heart is the Cow!

Cow painting giclee on canvas print with gallery by FinnellFineArt, $60.00

                Found on

Look at those big ole sweet eyes... They are adorable!

ACEO Cow Print of Cow Painting Collectable Cow Art by JemmasGems

I love how large and in charge they are. You never hear of a Cow being insecure about how big they are, they just strut their stuff across the field like it's nobody's business. 

           Expressionistic Colorful Longhorn Cow Painting by Theresa Paden, painting by artist Theresa Paden
           Found on
And a Bull...    Have you ever met a Bull?  I have, I met a bull while I was trying to take pictures of a baby calf and maybe got a little too close.

Let me just tell you, they are fiercely protective of their women and children.  He let me know real quick that I was not in the right place... of course innocent little me just turned to my Hubby (who by the was safely behind the fence at the other end of the pasture)  and yelled "You hear that? He's making a weird sound".  My ever so patient husband kindly implied that maybe I should slowly and calmly start backing away from the angry Bull and his young.  
Whew...that could have ended badly, good thing I wasn't wearing any red :)

This is a beautiful painting that one of my sweet friends made for my Birthday! I get a warm and fuzzy feeling every time I look at it, it reminds me of those baby calfs you see in the mountains with all the crazy fluffy hair.  I wish I could reach into the painting and give it squeeze. 

She is such a talented lady and I am so excited to have some of her art to sell at an upcoming Holiday Market.


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  1. I couldn't agree more. There is something peaceful and patient and calming about a cow. love, Love, LOVE the first photograph!