Monday, August 10, 2015

Tomatoes to last all winter

The tomatoes have taken over my garden!  Really that's no surprise since the eager little plants tend to quickly out grow their designated area and spill over to smother whatever else is too close to their radius.  This year they took out one of my peppers :(   

Luckily that means my eager little plants are producing way too many tomatoes for us to eat in one season, and that means I get to gather the girls and have a good old fashioned canning party! 

Now some of you may be thinking "that sounds crazy, we have grocery stores with canned tomatoes already in them" and you would be right.  I could run to the store and pick up a couple cans of pre packaged tomatoes for a couple of dollars and be back home in 15 minutes. 

But you know what... I like my little bit of crazy.  

It makes me slow down and take time to soak it all in.  It reminds me of how life should be, not always rushing around trying to get everything done as quickly as possible in the most convenient way.

Sometimes life should take five hours in a hot kitchen with the doors and windows thrown open on a hot summer day in the south.  Sometimes it should be the craziness of kids and dogs running in and out of the house with free reign while four women can talk about God and life, sip wine, and openly breastfeed a newborn with no shame, all while elbows deep in tomatoes. 

Sometimes life needs to be simple again.


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  1. So satisfying to go to your freezer or canning shelf and use the tomatoes that you planted, grew, weeded, picked, washed, and canned/froze yourself...