Friday, September 11, 2015

Downtown America

I have always been drawn to quaint little downtown areas,  they make me feel like that past is still alive and I am just a piece of it walking the same path as so many before me.  

We are so lucky that our Raleigh area is brimming with so many wonderful and lively downtown communities.  Many of them have been restored to their former glory or are at least on their way to be.  Others have salvaged what they could of the past and then expanded upon it with a seamless transition between old and new.   

Sometimes I get nostalgic and  remember how there used to be an ice cream parlor in a space that is now an automotive store.  I remember those days I would walk into town after school and stop to get ice cream on my way to the Library until my mom could pick me up.  I remember wandering around with a friend and popping into a pet store to play with the cute little puppies only to be commissioned into bathing them for the owner who was tied up with customers.  For some reason we thought that was a ton of fun and kept coming back to wash puppies.  Talk about free child labor.  

It really wasn't that long ago and spending a few hours meandering around small downtown areas always take me back. 

Here's to the simpler days. 

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