Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A little Valentine Love

 Cupid came early this year....

 We have been so fortunate to be surrounded with an amazing group of friends in our area, these are friends that we have come to love like family, friends that you can pop over unexpected and sit on the kitchen floor drinking wine and eating cake together,  friends that realize they can not do this life thing wholly on their own and may ask you to come over and help clean their toilets, friends that trust enough to share their deepest secrets and fears.  Friends that will love, clothe, and feed you if you need it.  We are so grateful to have friends like these and hope that our children can grow up together and start that bond at an early age.  

To give these wonderful people a little break from the daily grind and some alone time, I hosted a Valentine party for the kiddos with some help from a very brave friend.  

We had eight little young ins ranging from one year to almost five running wild around this house,  it is nearly impossible to keep eight toddlers occupied at the same time (God bless preschool teachers)!

What worked out best was Peter Pan and a their own little buckets of Valentines Trail Mix.

Seriously this stuff is sooo good,  I've been eating the left overs for a few days now. 

Hope everyone gets a little extra lovin this weekend ;)

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