Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Bathroom Makeover

It's time...   

It's something I have wanted to do for a long time now...   

It's something that needs to be done...

One of those things that you just shut the door on,  you know "out of sight out of mind" well it was working for a while, at least until the popcorn ceiling started falling down all by itself (easiest popcorn removal ever).  To be honest I left it like that for about a good two weeks, with a bare round spot right above the tub... I was kinda hoping it would continue to fall on its own.  

Finally I just couldn't take it anymore, staring at those loose bits of popcorn precariously hanging over the one place that is meant to be clean and shiny, where we go to bathe and wash away all the dirt and grime from our busy days... it just made me feel so dirty and grimy, also I was tired of all the "bob and weave" tactics we've had to perfect just to take a shower with out getting covered in plaster. 

So after two weeks of getting in a mini workout during our shower times, I decided to go ahead and handle the situation.  

It's funny how your style changes over time and what you were once so excited about later on you feel the need to explain your decision so that people will understand and not judge so harshly.  Hopefully no one is really that "judgie"  "judgy" whatever I don't even know if it's a real word but I do know that I have walked into places and been like " ok..that's different,  what were they thinking".  

 So before you start wondering...

 It took a lot of time to choose the right color of brown for a bathroom,  this one is 'Birds nest' brown.  It was the only one that came across as a more natural brown.

...and it looked so cozy in the candlelight with all the lights off and it was just me and the bubbles in our own little world... but lets face it with a toddler running around the house, those bubble filled tub days are over (for a while) unless it's also filled with yellow ducks and a giggling youngin in which case I don't really feel that the candles would be wholeheartedly appreciated.

The brown will be leaving,  and will be replaced with a much lighter but still very grounded feel. 

Since this is our only downstairs bath, and our bedroom is on the first floor, it acts as a "master" bath and "guest" bath.  Storage will be a main key, but it also needs to be hidden or at least pretty.  I don't want guests to feel like they are intruding into that private area of our lives just because they have to go potty.  

 Not to mention how much stuff do you really need in a bathroom?  I love Bath & Body Works as much as the next person, but do I really need 3 new scents for each season...NO!

So storage and simplifying will be the focus. 
I kinda feel like that is the mantra for our lives right now, not a bad one to have.


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