Monday, March 24, 2014

Hello Spring

I've been waitin' for you....

Seriously, it was the perfect first week of Spring! 

After the last few months of freak snow storms in between lovely 70 degree days, Winter could not make up it's mind.  This was a good one too,  Ava was able to really play in the snow now that she's walking.  Although I had that girl bundled up so tight it was kinda hard for her to move.  

Hopefully (fingers crossed) spring is finally here!  
It has been too long of a wait for these little buds to make their appearance...

 This will be the second year for our beautiful blooming Hydrangeas out back, that is if they can resist the toxic Chihuahua pee coming from our neighbors dog.  While I love that little guy to pieces, he has already made me dig up / replant / dig up / move / replant more (everything foliage ) that I have ever wanted to.  I have got some pretty hardy trees in his go to spot right now, so if they can survive a year there than they can survive anything! 
 (I adore the pup, hes just a grumpy old guy who pees 8 million times a day)


There are so many wants on my to do list this year for the back yard and all of this warm, breezy spring weather is making my (very lite shade of green) thumb itchy!

* Angela *

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