Tuesday, January 7, 2014

And some days....this is what we do for breakfast!

Its not really a New Year plan as much as it is more 
 a life plan...to be the best mom I possibly can. 

Sometimes it' really hard,  like over the Holidays when I'm working 50+ hours a week.  When I know the best choice for my precious baby girl is to let her spend the night at Grammy's because I don't get out of work till 11:00pm and have to be back there at 6:00am, and her daddy is on night shifts.  

It is soul crushing to leave my baby overnight
 because I have to work.  

But you know what... the mortgage has to be paid...the groceries have to be bought...and that requires some hard work.  I know this, I know working retail is tough during the Holidays.  I love the retail environment during the Holidays, all hustle and bustle, Christmas music 24/7 and decorations with lights everywhere.  I actually missed all that when I was at an office job.  

Let me tell you... it's not the same with a baby.

It never will be the same again, and it shouldn't be.  

Just with in the last year, this little bald headed baby has changed our world.  

So here's to a New Year, hopefully a much slower one. 
I have cut my hours at work, I have stopped worrying about the house being spick and span all the time (at least I'm trying).  
I'm learing how to just relax and realize the perfect world is perfectly imperfect! 

 Most of all I just want to sit back and watch this aborable baby try to eat cherrios with no hands and enjoy how happy that makes her!

Somedays it will be dry cherrios and a banana 
for breakfast and thats ok!



  1. I see nothing wrong with cheerios and a banana. And Ava didn't either :) Love you!