Monday, January 6, 2014

Burlap Coffee Poster

 I have seen the posts all over Pinterest where these super creative people use old grain sacks and turn them into the most beautiful things.  Pillows, table runners, upholstry... I mean the possibilities are endless.  However I had never really come across my opportunity to use such unique and functional burlap as something pretty to put on display....until I came across my first ever grain sack!

I assume that's the sort of thing you typically find at a flea market if your not distracted by all the adorable little puppies out for a stroll. 

 Lucky for me the adorable little pups didn't feel like freezing there adorable little puppy bums off like me.   *plus side*  I found a grain sack! 

And it's was for coffee!!!

Which I love! So I turned it into a poster!

I have had this poster shoved under my bed for at least a decade.  I figured someday I'll be able to use it.  (slightly a hoarder yes I know, but I hide all my hoarded things)

Guess what?  I was finally able to use it!

It's one of those $5 posters where the edges of the "frame" all come off to switch out the picture.

 All it needed was a little ironing, cutting, and hot glue.

 It's always a good idea to iron out all the fold lines, not to mention that helps for it to lay as flat as possible to the cardboard backer.

 Once It was all nice and flat again, I just used the clear plastic front as a template and cut around the burlap leaving about half an inch on all sides.  ( always leave room for error).

 Then just hot glue the edges in place,  I glued it directly on to the cardboard backer then trimmed the edges.  Gluing it down makes putting the sides on soooo much easier. 

 With the cardboard on the back you can hardly see the little hole in the burlap.

Then on goes the frame!

 It's nice to know that it was "clean coffee" in this bag, especially since a few 
of the beans made it home with me. 

* Angela *

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