Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sittin' pretty in the Kitchen


I love the idea of cooking, 
.....however actually doing it is a totally different story.

The only time I actually enjoy cooking is when I've not been at work all day, the baby is napping, the entire house is clean, the yard work is all done, there is nothing left to re decorate or re arrange, everything has all ready been blogged about, and nothing new has been added to Pinterest...

So as you can imagine,  I don't get into the kitchen much.  Yes, I understand we all need to eat at some point and I'm sure I made that sound way more dramatic than it actually is.  Don't worry I do feed my family,  in fact I even make most of baby's food.  (on lazy day's she eats from a jar)

I'm talking about the real kind of cooking...

The kind where you break open the bottle of wine, play relaxing music, and spend some genuine time with the kitchen appliances while wearing a pretty little apron that gets just enough ingredients on it to look cute.  That's the idea of cooking I LOVE!

In reality (we did have to replace our stove because I set the old one on fire...twice).

You'll be happy to know I have not set the new oven on fire yet, NOT EVEN ONCE!

Fancy cooking still alludes me most of the time, but I am getting better and most things are pretty edible if not actually yummy.


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