Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fall Front Porch

 Hello Fall, 

Welcome to the south, I know it's been forever since we've seen you.  Please come stay a while, all this back and forth is driving me crazy.  I much prefer the cool breeze of your autumn air to the heat and humidity of the summer. 


Anyone who lives in North Carolina knows our famous saying....
"if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes it'll change".  

Man is that ever true, it is so true that you can pretty much say the same thing about the seasons.  The first week of October it was 85 and sunny, this week it's 60 and rainy.  After a long summer I have to admit that I kinda enjoyed the chill in the air and the rain it brought with it.  

Perfect apple cider weather!

 The pups and I finally got outside while the clouds did a nice job of holding back the rain.  It was a productive little break, just long enough to spiff up the front porch for the fall in hopes that it decides to stick around. 

 I know I'm a little late on the draw with Fall decorating, but really who wants to break out all the flannel and extra layers of coziness when you can still go skinny dippin in the creek without catching hypothermia?  Not Me.

This year I had to doctor up the good ol' stand by fall wreath a little,  she was starting to go bald on the top and had a few rough patches on the side.  Don't worry it was nothing a few pine cones from the yard and some hot glue couldn't fix.  So I got her all put back together and fixed her up with a pretty little bow, and a super easy fall frame all nestled into the turning leaves.

 Another thing I have to admit....this was my FIRST Burlap flower/ bow/ thing!  

I know, it's like I don't even have a Pinterest acount.  

(again..don't worry,  I totally have a Pinterest account).

It was really much easier than I expected!

This spur of the moment desire to make the front porch all festive and welcoming meant there was no time to plan and shop, it was more of a hunt and search maneuver. 

The planter is one we have had for years, it's a little banged up but we just say "it has character".  Both the planter and my Pottery Barn look-a-like from WALMART are overflowing with pine cones from the front yard and a few festive fall sprigs. 

side note: 
I'm not totally in love with the moment you bend over to pick up an arm full of pine cones, there is always some comedian who happens to be driving by that wants to honk their horn as your butt is up in the air, all because pine cones from the front yard are way cheaper than the ones in the store.  

You know I married a country boy when my Hubby comes in the side door, I make him leave and walk all the way around the house to come in the front door so he could see my handy work.

What does he say? 

"looks beautiful honey"?

"I love the way the kitchen rug you stuck outside really pulls together all the wonder fall colors"?


He says "hey, I see you found my emergency break" 

YUP...Thats right!  Ha! That pretty little chunk of wood the pumpkins are chillin on, apparently that's my husbands emergency break!?!  Don't ask, I don't know what he has to use that for.  I swear the breaks work on all of our vehicles. 

He really does like the porch, it just cracks me up that the "emergency break" is what really caught his attention.  I love my country boy!

Enjoy the Fall!


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  1. I love it! So dang cute :) Avery also walked by just now and says she loves the pumpkins.