Thursday, August 1, 2013

DIY~ Name Frame

For Lil A's room I needed something really big to go over her crib,  not just really big but also really cheap...(like almost free). 
 I knew she needed some art to stand apart from the pictures 
~ like how I said "she needed it" shes a baby, she only needs milk and diapers ~

So onward with the hunt for miscellaneous somethings I could put together to create art, isn't that what creativity is all about anyways?  

Lucky for me, I always have a stash of creative like stuff hiding out under my bed for just such an occasion!

Here's what I ended up scrounging around for, and figured out 
what I wanted / "she needed" to do. 

                             ~ Large frame (picture or mirror
                             ~ Paint of your choice
                             ~ Hard wire cloth for backing
                             ~ Tin Snips (for cutting wire)
                             ~ Staple Gun
                             ~ Wooden name pieces
                             ~ Decorative paint for name
                             ~ Twine or ribbon
                             ~ Measuring tape

Step 1.
  Find an old tacky gold frame that you may or may not 
             have broken the mirror out of (completely by accident).       Paint said frame with your color choice of paint. 

Step 2.
Measure the back of your frame making sure to have enough room to staple down your backing, and cut the backing you have chosen.

  I used large gauge hard wire cloth since that's what I had left from my garden.  Almost anything would work, chicken wire would be great as well.

 I later learned these were not the right tools to cut with,  but whatever... I hammer nails with my shoes, gets the job done.

Step 3.
Use a staple gun you feel comfortable with to staple the backing in place. (there was no way I was going to use my husbands air gun or I may be missing a finger).  I have a small electric staple gun that works perfectly well for small projects. 

 Step 4.
Paint up your name letters/ initials how you would like,

and staple a length of twine to the back, (again you can use whatever you like as long as it ties to the backing). 

Final Step. 
Arrange the name how you like and tie it in place.

Cheap and easy!


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