Wednesday, July 24, 2013

One Simple Change...

It's amazing how something so small and simple can make such a big impact,  something like...

I don't know.... new register grates for example.  

I'm sure twenty four years ago when this house was built these grates were super stylish,  to be honest I don't believe they were rusted and stained back then, but they sure are now... and not only that but now they are slightly embarrassing as well. 

Surely people don't actually notice things like this when they visit your home, I may not help the situation when I walk around the perimeter of the room trying to stand in front of them so nobody else notices... really that may only draw attention to my craziness, so... mission accomplished!

 Finally we decided to take action!

And OMG the choices are amazing

These are just a few we found on Amazon

Since we both love older homes and the beautiful scroll work in the south, we decided to go with the following grate cover in a matte black finish.

 So much better!  I love it and I've stopped trying to stand in front of them all to hide them!

Yay,  people don't think I'm quite so neurotic and my floors have some pretty accessories to jazz them up a bit.   

The simple things in life. 


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