Friday, July 26, 2013

Another round of Chicks

We've got more chickies coming to yard! 

Since we lost two of our last batch we decided to go ahead 
and give it another try with a few more babies.  

From what I've learned chickens are chickens, and when they decide they want to roost behind the bushes in front of the house instead of heading back to their coop like the kinda makes them prime dinner for the mean ole hungry fox that roams our area. 

I can't blame the fox, I mean if I was walking down the street and stumbled across a nice, big, gooey cinnamon roll just stittin there on a silver platter (I hate to admit) I would totally eat it!

These girls however are waaaay to cute to eat,  and they will have their own home on the back deck coming very soon.  In a few months once they are big enough to fend for themselves, we can introduce the little ones to Big Red and Blue, the last of our original flock... not sure that four hens can really be considered a flock, but now we will have seven so...we'll go with it. 


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