Monday, September 10, 2012

Guest Room is Ready!

Now all we need is a guest.....

Finally there is at least one room in the whole entire house that is DONE!

After clearing out all the junk, scraping and painting the ceiling, building a dividing wall in the closet and getting that organized, painting the room for the 1st time 
since we moved in 8 years ago! 

I am happy that we have a nice place for our guest's to relax and sleep in! 

It has been obviously eight years in the making....really we just forgot about that room entirely until we found out that "us" as a couple would be turning into "us" as a family!

So here is how it progressed:

 This is actually the cleanest our "office/junk room" ever was.  Never painted with a hodgepodge of unused  furniture and misc office supplies. 

 clean scraped and popcorn free ceiling

Freshly painted ceiling and walls, clean carpets, and cleared out.  

Effectively a clean slate!

With a baby on the way and the rest of the house to finish I couldn't really justify buying anything new for our guest room, that will be reserved for other parts of the house that are going to get a MAJOR overhaul.   So...I just "borrowed" pieces from the rest of the house and compiled them in this room.  I like the way it turned out, the only expense was paint!

Apparently I have started a banana leaf art collection. 

One of my very good friends has family in South Africa and brought me back the center picture which is banana leaves in the shape of South Africa with little banana leaf huts and farmers on it. 

The other two I picked up on a cruise when we stopped at Labadee, Haiti.  It is a little peninsula at the tip of Haiti that is owned by Royal Caribbean, they have a Haitian Market set up for locals to sell their artwork and crafts.  I bought a few of these, they are made into note cards that I framed. 

The other side of the bed has my Great Grandfathers cedar chest, one of our friends restored it for us as a wedding gift 8 years ago.  I also hung my poster of Elvis, going back to my Memphis roots for a brief moment. The entire picture is nothing but his name spelled out over and over to create a picture.

I love how cozy the room feels... to go...
nap time is calling my name. 

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