Monday, July 30, 2012

Walls are up!

We have division......

Yay...  the dividing walls are now framed out and sheet rocked in the closets, I spent a day taping and putty-ing the edges (which takes some skill might I add).  Hubbs tried his hand at it and although he is very talented anything that requires finesse is not a job for him, he's such a buffalo.  I could tell he was getting frustrated especially when he went to get a drink and ended up taking a nap in the recliner.  So while he snoozed I finished up all the tape and putty!

Tesla even sat in the corner of the closet with me while I worked.  She really just wanted to snack on the drywall.  I had no idea it tasted that good but everytime I turned around she had a piece hanging out of her mouth.  She still alive so I guess it's not poisonous. 

Here is a pic of the framing so you can see the division,  it is almost centered between the closets, the closet that is going to get the shelves is just a hair wider so they can be hidden behind the wall. 

more to come soon!


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