Monday, August 6, 2012

Kids Exchange

This is an AWESOME event.... you can go to to find out more information about an event near you.   (this is a real site even though the name looks a little funny, I was hesitant to type it into my computer at first). 

It is a Christian based event and is franchised out,  we recently had one in Raleigh and I was blown away by the deals!  Everything is "preowned" but in good condition, we totally scored some good stuff!

I scored a hanging bassinet, some cute blankets, adorable clothes, umbrella stroller, hiking baby pack, a frilly white moses basket, a baby back pack to carry the little one in, and one of those booster chairs that hooks onto the side of a table, and a few other little misc stuff.....all for $125.00 !!!!

My absolute favorite is the wooden white hanging bassinet, I didn't want anything too frilly or chunky to put in our room for a while so this was PERFECT... and the best part is, it was only $35.00

Bruno really seem to like the Moses basket  ( it is just the top of a bassinet with the stand missing, but for $10.00 I think I will call it what I like ).  Either way it provides him a good hiding place from the pups. 

Apparently we host one in Raleigh about every 6 months or so,  I don't think I will be attending the next one since baby will only be a month old by then but I sure am glad that we went to this one!

Getting very excited!


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  1. ha ha... Why do cats ALWAYS want to lie on the newest thing?