Friday, July 27, 2012

Closets are getting an overhaul!

With the little belly dancer only about 4 months away, we figured it was about time 
to start getting the house ready.  

We were only supposed to do one room at a time (almost every room in the house is going to get a makeover) but somehow both the upstairs bedrooms are trashed right now.  I think it's because they both have awkward closets and it only seemed right to work on both closets at the same time.  

We really do have a lot of space in the closets, they stretch almost the entire length of the rooms (both rooms are identical) and have two doors that are separated by about 2.5' of wall space.  

 (the little door leads to excess attic storage under the eaves)

The problem is:  the area behind the wall space is nothing but a black hole,  seriously I'll buy something I love, it gets lost in the black hole, I find it two years later and it doesn't fit anymore!
(OK right now nothing fits anymore so only preggo clothes are going back in the closet)

This is the view from one open door all the way to the other end. Notice the sloped ceiling there too,  really storage is very limited at least as far as useful storage. 

The Solution: We are going to build a wall to separate the closets into two separate spaces.

One side is going to have the bar across the top to hold clothes (it will still be about 4' in width) which should be adequate to hold anything we need to keep in there.  These rooms are going to be a guestroom/office and the baby's room.  Baby clothes are very small!

The other side is going to have shelves going up where the black hole used to be.  The shelves will be especially useful in the baby room, it will allow us to store all the diapers, wipes, and other misc baby stuff that are necessary.

Later on in the toddler years it is going to become a cozy little reading nook! 


via: thrifty decor chick

I love these cute closets.  

Can't wait to get started.....we already picked out our lights for the closets too.  
They kinda look like these, only a little more loopy. 

Sorry I couldn't find an exact pic online and mine are buried in the shed.  We bought them several years ago to go on the back deck, but that never happened and now I have others in mind for the deck.  It all works out eventually!


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