Sunday, August 15, 2010

Flea Market Finds!!!

Yesterday was the PERFECT day to swing by our local flea market, it was nice and cloudy in the sky (no sunburns) and just the right temperature to keep ya movin!

I was sooo proud of myself...see I wasn't planning on stopping by cause I really needed to be getting home, but it was right on my way, and then there was the entrance, and there really wern't that many cars to make parking a pain. So... Quick Decision.... I pulled right in and started my speed shopping (yes, speed shopping at a flea market, I know..I's one of the seven sins) it was either that or driving by and I just couldn't handle the second option.

Anyway, getting back to the reason I was sooo proud of myself.  It seriously only took me an hour from pulling into the lot, scouring the market, getting my goods, and pulling out.  ONLY AN HOUR!!!

Not to mention I had handy dandy Mr. Camera so I could show you the neat things I passed on my speed shop.   By the way, why is it people always give me funny looks when I stop to take pictures, I swear I'm not sticking my tongue out or anything?!

 I love these old windows, they always make me wonder about the house they used to be in.

I wanted to get six of these and line them up on an old piece of wood to hang coats on, but the guy wanted $3.00 a pop.  I think some people just wan to display their collections, not really sell any of it. 

Can you imaging all the garden goodies here...

If I had a full-sized bed this beauty would be coming home with me, only $65 with the rails!

I wanted this soooo bad, it's off of an actual old ship, but the guy wanted $40 and I only had $18 in my pocket.

This little guy is ADORABLE!

Our flea market has a lovely inside section too. They have all sorts of home goods in there.

I was eyeballen this bad boy as soon as I arrived, but once again they wanted $40 and I only had $18.

I know $18.00 is not a lot of cash to throw around, especially when your flea market is as cool as this one.  But after I scoured the whole area and got prices on the items I was really interested in I went back through and grabbed what I could.

So...this is what I ended up with.

Old window for $8
Picture frame for $1

...and my favorite $10 spent was for this lovely old piece of vintage costume jewelry from the 40's.

I LOVE it!!! The hubbs thinks it's awful, but he's not wearing it. We always disagree on my taste of jewelry, in the end I always win =)

Stay tuned to find out what neat projects I come up with for my treasured finds. Except for the ring, she's found a nice comfortable place on my finger. 

* Angela *

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