Monday, August 9, 2010

Botanical Beauties for free!!!

Well hello there,

I have definitely been inspired by Lauren over at  on her post about hand picked flowers.  

Why in the world should you have to buy flowers when most of the time you can find a beautiful bouquet just a few steps from your front door.  Talk about a way to save some green $$$

The thing about it is you don't even have to look for just flowers, a blooming tree, herbs, or even pretty weeds would work.  

This bountiful bouquet is just a couple of Crape Myrtle blooms that I snagged from a few trees in a nearby strip mall parking lot, and a  pale blue hydrangea from my neighbors yard.

I feel I have to let everyone know there were a few strange 
looks that came my way from passing motorist. 
I like to think they were thinking 

"Man, I wish I was brave enough to steal flowers from a strip mall",

but really they were probably thinking 

"what is this crazy girl doing running from tree to tree with a pair of pruning shears in the parking lot".  

So to save myself from these looks, next time I'm going in the dark of night with a wing man! By the way I do not condone stealing, I was simply pruning their trees for them =)

OK... so if you have to be more on the up and up.  This little boot is filled with Basil twigs from my own backyard.  Its pretty in a little vase and nice to have on hand when your cooking! 

* Angela *


  1. Angela- go girl! hahaha I have so wanted to "prune" public trees before!!

    they look gorgeous and I love the basil arrangement- smells good too!!

  2. Very nice, just a warning-sadly, the crape myrtle blooms don't last that long, but if you crush the ends of the hydrangea they uptake more water and will stay fresh longer. *Amy