Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bithday month is coming to an end

Hello Blog,   

Oh how I have missed you...but to be perfectly honest I have been keeping busy. For example I have aged a WHOLE year since you last heard from me!  Ok well not exactly an entire year it's really only been a month but the number went up to a whole new number, so I took the whole month to celebrate! 

Not that I'm complaining...while I love being young I am grateful for the life that I have and can't wait to see what the future holds.  The way I see it the older you get the longer you have to make your dreams come true and and the more time you have to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.  Which is what I really want to get back to in the next year, the way I figure it resolutions should be made on the day you were born, after all that is when your life started.  

So here is my list of resolutions for a simpler more fulfilling year

1. Be frugal, focus on eliminating debt and saving as much as possible.            
2. De clutter, I have so much junk that moves around and never really finds a home, IT MUST GO.
3. Enjoy early mornings on the deck with a hot cup of coffee (one of my favorite things to do).
4. Spend quality time with friends/family, I am lucky to have such awesome people in my life
5. Learn to cook, hopefully I won't set the stove on fire (for a 3rd time) =)

All too often life goes by and you can get caught up in the not so great times, just remember those time should be brief and only reinforce how good the good times really are.

All right, I'm ready to start my 26th year of life. 
( I know I know I'm only a baby)

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