Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sprucing up the Stairwell

      After deciding the staircase wall needed a little something more to bring it to life, I rummaged through the entire house and stole picture frames from just about every room.  Which as it turns out is a good excuse for me to find new accessories for the other rooms ; )

Using left-over wrapping paper from Christmas I traced over each picture frame to create a template.

If you tape the templates to the wall where you want to hang the pictures, it will help you decide what picture to put where.  The fewer the nail holes the happier the wall.

Once all the templates are in place, hammer your nails in the appropriate places. This can be done at the same time you traced the frame, I however waited till I knew exactly which way the picture was going to sit and then marked the nail holes. A little more work but it really was just an afterthought.

Tah-Dah!!  In the end each pic is perfectly placed how and where you want them, ain't that nifty!

Now I can reflect on those fond memories each time I run up and down the stairs.

Next thing on the list is numbering each riser, my O.C.D. has me counting them when ever I go up or down anyway so I figure I might as well give myself something to keep me on track. (sometimes I end up skipping a number and I can't remember which one I've skipped, really I do know how to count)

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