Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pretty Nifty Pillows


For those of you out there who do not know me, I am a Pottery Barn fanatic! I love just about everything in that place....except for the prices...Eeek! a little too pricey for my pocket.

However if you keep an eye on the clearance section there are definitely some bargains to be had, take for instance these lovely place-mats.

I snagged these bad boys for $3.99 and $4.79 they were at least 1/2 off the original price =) while I'm sure they work very well as place-mats....

 I have brought them home under a very different pretense. (sneaky..sneaky..)

See the thing I love so much about Pottery Barn is how well they coordinate everything, the place-mats match the napkins, which match the pillows, that match the curtains, that go with the bedding....

Wait a minute....did I say the place-mats match the napkins, which match the pillows?

Genius Idea!!!!  Another reason I love Pottery Barn,  they have quality stuff... no rinky dink one sided place-mats, nope...all of their place-mats are lined *Ahhhhhh.....(insert angelic sound here).

So turning a place-mat into a pillow is easy as pie.

All you need is a place-mat, pillow stuffing, a stitch picker, and some thread that at least kinda matches,  and a sewing needle.

Un stitch a small portion at the end of the place-mat with the stitch picker just big enough to stick your hand in,  stuff it full of pillow stuffing, then re sew it closed.


 {two of my favs}

Now you have a brand new pillow in one of the fantastic prints offered at Pottery Barn for around $7-$10.00  What a Steal!!!


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  1. Ingenious! I would of never of thought to do this - great idea. So glad I found your blog today through The Lettered Cottage's linky party.

    Come say hi sometime :O)