Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My love of Old Homes

      I have no clue where my love of all things old comes from.... but I do know that there is such an odd feeling I get when walking through a home that has lived through so much history.

      To me it feels like an ache in the soul,  that somehow my soul recognizes those that have passed through the same doors, walked on the same floors, and stared out the same windows.  I always wonder what their lives were like, what they dreamed of, if they wanted something more than a life in the country, or if they were content where they where. 

      I'm pretty sure that human nature has us always wanting more... so while I love my little home on a quarter acre in the what used to be country but is rapidly becoming suburbs.  My major want in life is to one day have my very own tangible piece of history in the form of a beautiful "old dame" set way out in the country, where I can raise a family, have a massive garden, and all the horses, cows, goats, pigs, and sheep I want. maybe the farm animals are a little much (although I really want them), but I'm sure I'd be plenty happy with just some dogs and cats.

So with that said here are some of my favorite things about old houses that feed my soul!

I love the architecture.  
There are so many details with all the peaks and gables, never just a blank side of a house.

I will own this one someday... I'm stalking it =)

Original Hardware / Light Fixtures

Beautiful Foyers

Chunky Mantels / Huge Windows

Walk-in Pantry / Cellars 

Closed in Side Porches 

That lead to charming courtyards

Really just all the little details that make old homes so special

      The next time you get the opportunity to walk through a beautiful or forgotten old home like these, take the time to think about all those who have passed the same spot.  Cherish your moment in history. 


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  1. I love old houses too...I really like the potential in the 4th picture!! You have a great little blog,,,I am your newest follower, please stop by the country and see what being from the Canadian Prairies is like! Have a great day...handy hubbys are the very best!!