Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Adding Character to a simple fireplace

When we first moved into our house we were thrilled to have a fireplace right in the center of the room, talk about a given focal point. The only thing is the fireplace was a lot less of a focal point and a whole lot more of a black hole.  The builders did absolutely nothing to make it stand out, trimmed in 3" molding with no dimension it was just kinda Blah.  I still don't see how anyone thought it was a good idea to just leave it looking like that, poor thing was very sad. 


So, I set Hubbs to work...he stripped down what was there and made a mantel with a lot more heft to it. 

Since our little house only has the standard 8'ceilings I didn't want the wide mantle make our living room look squat, that and we definitely needed more light.  I was so excited to FINALLY have a use for the two sconces I nabbed at Lowes for $2.50 a piece. So we took the surround all the way up to the ceiling. 

And here is the finished project!!! Much more of a focal point now. Not to mention smart guy put the sconces on a dimmer,  it's amazing how one change can completely alter the feel of a room.   


  1. Don't you just love a handy-husband?!! Without them our dreams are just that...dreams, not reality! He did a great job on the mantle and surround. I don't think I have a single light/lamp that is not on a dimmer!
    I am so impressed that y'all bought this house at 19. You are smart, and you definitely have some talent there Angela! I am impressed!


  2. The addition to your fireplace looks great. It's nice to have a handy husband.
    Dropping by from How To's Day. Hope you'll come see DD2's picture wall we did for her.