Saturday, June 12, 2010

Anitque hunting in Cameron NC

Cameron is a small town in central North Carolina that is located pretty much in the middle of nowhere, at least the roads we took to get there were in the middle of nowhere. On a trip with our MG club we all loaded into our miniature sized cars and made the hour or so trip to Cameron for a little bit of fun in the sun and antiquing.  Having no idea of what to expect it was definitely overwhelming to see the streets lined with vendors,  fabulously old furniture, pottery, baskets, glass everything you can think of.  I was like a kid in a candy store (heart rate soaring, body trembling, eyes darting) it was all I could do to wait for the car to be put into park before jumping out of it and making my way to the goods.

Don't they just make your heart race.

Any ways, turns out the most interesting find was an old inn that sits just off the main drag. It is known as the "Old Greenwood Inn" it also used to be the "Historic Train Depot". I have no clue when it was built but sneaking around the old inn until we found a wonderfully welcoming open door was the most exciting part of the whole trip.  Now since I'm a seasoned "snooper" of all buildings old, condemned, abandoned, or even the occasional lived in but the owners won't open the door so I hang out on the front porch in a rocking chair, lets just say I was thrilled with the chance to explore this old beauty.
In my opinion the house was in remarkable shape, all floors were solid for the most part, the walls were kinda straight, most windows were there and intact. However my strong and solid hubby had to bring me back to earth and point out the cracked foundation and oh yeah the non existent kitchen and baths that I didn't even realize were missing until he mentioned it.  So while I still walked around dreaming of how I could turn it into a thriving bed and breakfast, I had to admit to myself that it wouldn't be going on the "property to own one day" list.  Now if you have a boat load of cash to put into it let me now and I would be happy to help.

I love the last two of the cellar, think of all the canning and storing that place can hold.
Well here's to hoping you have a place to wander through and dream.

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  1. Angela,
    Welcome to blog-land!! Such a fabulous building- I can see why you were dreaming!! Hey what's a little plumbing amongst friends?!! I think we must suffer from the same afflicition, as I too start renovating and loving many houses that I see along our travels!