Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Growing Green

      Last year was my first attempt at growing a garden, I was very nervous since all my houseplants die in a matter of weeks so I couldn't imagine keeping a whole 4x8 raised bed garden alive.  Luckily, to my surprise a garden kinda grows all by itself as long as it has the right amount of water.

      So with a little success under my slightly green thumb I decided to really jump into it this year. 
      Now... we only have so much land to work on (hence the quarter acre name) not to mention a deer community that loves to eat free food, so I decided the best way to combat the little munchers was to do a fenced in garden.  I figured chicken wire would allow the most sun to reach the little seedlings since I have so many trees in the area.

 (I still need a gate since the bunny's like to munch in the garden too, but so far I haven't see any deer stuck in there not able to find their way our....the Dixie dog is a different story)

      I designed it to have a 2' perimeter bed so it's shallow enough for me to reach all the goodies in the back, a walking path, and a center island bed. This way I don't step on my plants or walk all over their root systems. 

      Let me tell you,  it is a LOT of hard work to get one of these things up and going. I will forever be amazed with all of you who have mega-sized gardens to tend to.  Thankfully I will be keeping the same bed for many years to come so this past spring was likely the hardest part.

      Now my garden is growing lots of green leafy things that I can't with to put on the table. It is such a great feeling to know that I had a hand in producing my own food.  I started from seeds (which about 90% of them actually took =) I hear that's unusual) so I have seen it go from baby sprouts.

       To actual veggies just waiting for their day to be picked.

Back to the simple life just watching a garden grow!



  1. Hey Angela!

    Thought I'd drop by after your sweet email (and comment too!) and I have to say I ADORE this idea. I'm a country girl, but for now I'm stuck in town until I finish school. I hope to someday own several acres and have a few gardens, some veggie, some cutting flowers, etc. but I LOVE The idea for yours with the center island. Heck, I saved it in my idea file! Love the entry too, it looks so pretty and formal. And I can't help but think how cute it would be with an antique gate!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog, I'm going to keep on browsing through yours some more!

    Caitlin @ That House on the Corner

  2. hi angela,

    thanks for leaving such a sweet comment. of course you can borrow my kitchen design. but i have to tell i stole if from history. the set-up that exists we put in, but basically copied the original that was falling apart.

    now i'm off to see your blog.


  3. Thank you Caitlin, the design has worked our very well for me. I think next year I'm going to leave the veggies to the perimeter and do cut flowers in the island. I am definitely keeping my eye out for an old rod iron gate and some fancy little obelisks to go in the center.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Lovely house, lovely garden and lovely blog!! I'm looking forward to future installments!! You have some fabulous pictures!! I love the garden close-ups!! Nice work!! And play...

  5. Thank you so much Jord,

    I have recently found the passion in gardening so you can expect to find many more pic's here.