Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Knock off art ~ an easy DIY

 As I was wandering down isle after isle of pure paradise at my local Home Goods I could barely keep my hands to myself.  I am definitely one of those tangible people,  
I have to touch all the things!  

My mother used to get so annoyed with me when I was young, everywhere we went she would let out an exasperated "put your hands on your belly" (embarrassed to say, I actually use that with my own handsy girl now).

By the time I get to that last isle, I realize that I can no longer afford all of the beautiful things that have graced my shopping cart.  Luckily it is easy to separate out the impulse buys, from the "I really have been looking for this" buys,  and then always the "well, I'm sure I can make something like this" buys.  Thankfully that is exactly the category this little beauty fell into.

 At $17.00 it's worth it to at least try and make it on my own.

As silly as it sounds, the "I love you more" battle is pretty constant in my family.  Not sure if we really do think we love each other more than the other or if it's just a battle of who gets the last words. Either way, this simple frame really struck a nerve with me. 

To create my own I gathered some supplies and got started. 

you will need: picture frame, paper with your saying printed as "mirror image", paint, and paint brush.

 Step 1:

Take everything out of your picture frame, you really only need to keep the glass to put back in. 

Step 2:

Lay your paper down, and cover it with the glass.  

Step 3:

Paint over the letters on top of the glass. 
This will let you end up with the paint on the back of glass once it's back in it's frame. 

Step 4:

Once the paint is dry, put it back in its frame and be sure to fold the tabs back down to secure.  If your frame doesn't have the small tabs like these it would be a good idea to run a line of hot glue around the frame and place the glass on top of that.  

I used an Ivory color paint so that it would stand out against our dark blue walls.  I love seeing it every morning while getting ready to start my day.


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