Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Fathers Day & Handmade Gifts

Don't you love it when a Pinterest project actually turns out the way it is supposed to! 

I know I do, especially since we are doing a year of homemade gifts.  

Most of the time I can find a really cool DIY gift idea on Pinterest, then read the instructions and the supplies list is twenty pages long... Seriously? who keeps that much stuff on hand?  

Maybe I'm the only one with a teeny tiny house that gets overrun by a single pile of laundry,  really there is nowhere to hide mess in this house.   Man.. I long for the days of a bigger place where I can just shove stuff in an extra closet when company is coming over instead of having to clean the whole house to make it presentable.  

Not to mention spending $30 on supplies to make a homemade gift kinda defeats the purpose of the whole doing it to save/ not spend money aspect.

Getting back on track....

I found this super cool and easy Fathers Day inspiration from Kim over at A Spotted Pony

(A step by step will be posted soon)

This was cool because it really turned into a 2 for 1 kinda deal,  the blue shirt on the far right is how the shirt is supposed to look with a cool tye-dye effect.  Since I am not one to waste good crafty things I took the other piece and made the brown shirt in the middle so that it had the opposite effect as the original.  The grey shirt on the left was more of an oops that I doctored up a bit ;) 

With all the crafting and creative thinking going on I decided to try my hand at some homemade cards for the amazing men in our family as well. 

For this I decided to leave the computer closed! 

I adore Pinterest and all of the inspiration it provides,  however sometimes I see what other people are doing and think to myself "those are amazing whatever I end up with is going to look like a preschooler made it"  normally that wouldn't be a bad thing with all the crayons and markers and giant smiley suns in the corner of the page.  Unfortunately when you're going on thirty those cute hand drawn pictures of your stick people family and chubby puppy aren't going to cut it. 

I have a friend that tells me Pinterest is "where creativity goes to die", and I hate to say it but sometimes I think she's right.  I mean I think I'm pretty creative until I see everyone else is clearly more talented than myself and lose hope. 

So with the computer closed I set to work with everything crafty one could possibly need to make a Fathers Day card, and I have to say it is so much more fun to create and imagine without comparing what your doing to someone else.  

I am so darn PROUD of these cards!!!

I am in love with every aspect of every one of them!  For a moment I totally forgot how neat the shirts were I just wanted to show off their handmade cards that I did all by myself with no Pinterest to influence me!

Of course now I will post a picture of them onto Pinterest... 
What.. can you blame me,  they are super cute! 

Every now and then we just need to step back from technology and do what makes us happy :)


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