Thursday, March 27, 2014

What do I do with this?

I have absolutely no clue 

... but I have a feeling it will continue to migrate around the house until I find just the perfect place for it.  

I'm sure everyone has a piece like this just floating around, something that we think is totally awesome and a bit unusual or something not totally awesome but your best friends mother gave it to you saying "I thought of you as soon as I saw it" and leaves you thinking, really? Is that the image I portray? So now you feel obligated to find a way to tastefully display it among your cherished belongings. 

Well just the other day my Hubby comes back from his guys camping trip and proudly presents me with his treasured find.  

It was the talk of the town, everyone was so jealous and envied the luck of my not in anyway Irish husband.

 To come across such a beautiful antler shed like that is a rare thing indeed.  

He said it looked like the Buck was trying to get under a fence surrounding a forgotten grave yard tucked way back in the woods.  I guess things like this happen as the deer change seasons or something.  All I can think of is the poor deer with the lopsided head trying to navigate his way through the woods with only a half rack of antlersI just hope the other deer don't give him too much of a hard time.  It seems to me it was one of those  "hey ma, watch this" kind of moments that never end well.

 Right now I have my treasure hanging out with some fresh spring flowers, I do love the rustic nature of it against the smooth blue pottery.  

  And I think it is so neat how it goes from a dark and gnarled texture on one end to a smooth and light bone color on the other.  It always amazes me how beautiful natural things can be,  so until Hubby can get back up to the camp and search for hopefully the other shed this one will have to migrate around all on its lonesome.


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