Sunday, January 13, 2013

What time is it?

I don't know let me look at my HUGE clock......

I found this super cool pocket watch style clock about a year ago at Home Goods (awesome place).  It was one of those things I would normally never buy, had no clue where I would put it, but couldn't get it out of my head.  I put it in my cart and took it out again at least three times before I made it up to the register with a HUGE red clock.


Well big red came out of storage and was about to go home with my mom because I couldn't decide where I wanted to hang it, then she asked if I thought to put it over the fireplace.... of course I thought of that you crazy woman.  *Crap* why did I not think of that!

After scrounging around to find a "Hercules Hook" to hold the weight and not leave a huge hole. (I love these hooks...they work!)

Big Red finally found a home over the fireplace.  Really wish I would have thought of this earlier, don't you just love it when moms point out the obvious?


I think that I will need to add a little more to the collection, it looks a little sparse to me but the big red clock is hanging proudly!

 The berries and branches came from the bushes in front of the house, it's free seasonal foliage I don't have to worry about it getting too dusty or dying, I'll just clip more...yay!

The little birdie came back from South Africa with one of my good friends.  I have really gotten into the whole bird trend but I'm trying not to fill my house up with adorable owls and cute birdies so I'm glad this guy has a story to him, it makes him more personal.

My husband and I found this rock on our 6th anniversary,  we were hiking in the Blue Ridge mountains and talking about dreams, goals, plans for the future, generally what we want out of life.  To me the rock looks like a solid little house, it will always represent the home that we aspire to build, filled with the hopes and dreams from our hike that will one day come into fruition.


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