Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New Addition!

We have a new addition to the family......

     no... baby is not here yet, but a new puppy is!

We were so heartbroken after losing Dixie so quickly, and Cricket was not doing well being on her own so we decided the best thing to do was get a new puppy. 

Normally I myself would push people to think about adopting an older dog, Dixie came to us and she was about a year old which for a Rottie was pretty large but she was such an amazing dog I didn't think we could hit the jack pot twice in a row.   With having a temperamental cat, a small dog, and a baby on the way I didn't want to chance getting a larger dog with a sordid past.  At last Cricket will be bigger than the pup for a while, the cat can establish some boundaries, and puppy can train us for a new baby in the house, then hopefully be trained in the 4.5 months before baby gets here.

Meet Tesla!

Tesla is about 4 months now and we have no clue what she is, the SPCA had her listed as a "tri-color hound mix" she was brought over from a high kill shelter along with some other puppies.  Unfortunately all the puppies were vomiting and had blood in their diarrhea,  so when I went to see her she was pretty docile I guess she was drugged up on so many antibiotics, de-wormers, and she was just spayed.   Gladly she checked out with a clean bill of health, and let me tell you that docile puppy was putting up a good front, once I got her home she turned into a little hellion! 

We are hoping she has some Shepherd in her at least she looks like she does in her face, but I guess we will find's a surprise!


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