Monday, January 2, 2012

Wishes for 2012

 With every start of the new year I feel that I am pressured to make the annual "New Year Resolutions".  This really just comes from my own head,  although most of the world does do it as well, no one is forcing me to make any so I have no clue what the deal is with all the "pressure", or where it comes from. 

This year however I am branching out and have resolved to not make any "resolutions" since I usually forget what they were and/or lose the paper I wrote them down on.  Instead I have a list of things that I wish to accomplish throughout the year. 

 This year I wish to be Content:

Not that I'm not a happy person, or that I'm not aware of how incredibly blessed I am, I wouldn't change my world for anything, it really is more of an anxious feeling I get.  My husband and I have all these awesome plans that we are really excited about but they are all on a timeline and I want to try and make them all happen NOW!  I guess I'm just really really excited!

This year I just need to cool my jets and enjoy everything in the moment, dreams and plans for the future are great (in fact they are highly encouraged) but sometimes I get too wound up trying to push forward that I forget to look around at what we've accomplished and relish in the now!

This year I wish to Grow:

I wish to grow lots of beautiful flowers, and yummy veggies, and plump juicy grapes, but most of all I wish to grow me! Again I get way too wrapped up in everything else that I don't give myself enough time that is beneficial to me.  There are way too many women who are in the same boat and it just doesn't even make sense.

This year I wish to focus on what is beneficial for me, it should probably start in the kitchen since home cooked meals are much more nutritious than frozen dinners, and learning how to cook seems to be a good thing.  Then it can move on to the computer where I can forget my dirty house and dive into other peoples clean houses that they post online for the world to see =)  (Thank you by the way, it's a lot easier to see the details this way than walking down the road at night trying to find the houses with lights on and blinds open).

This year I wish to Love Freely:

There are too many friendships that we let fall the the way side just because they are not right in front of our faces.  This year I wish to let everyone know that I love them and that I am thinking of them even if we don't have the time to spend together.  Small little encouraging notes every now and then can go a long way.

Although I don't think I will ever be as good as my grandmother (she has everyone's birthday and anniversary cards picked out a year early) I will at least see if this year I can tackle the birthday cards on time thing.

I will even try to curb the road rage and show some love for my fellow commuters.

This year I wish to Explore:

Not only do I have a wild desire to throw caution to the wind and strap on a pack to hike up the mountain with,  maybe even try sleeping in a shelter my hubby built out of sticks again (did that once and was terrified I would be trampled to death by deer). 

This year I also have a curious desire to play with paint colors, and new prints, and fabrics. I have always played it on the safe side and for the most part stuck with neutral tones and solid colors, now I bored of that and am working up the bravery to step out of that darn old box!

Oh yeah and just in case the world doesn't end in 2012

I wish to Save Money, or at least pay off our debt.  We did a great job last year and need to keep going with it, feels so good when you can see the finish line.

 HAPPY 2012!