Thursday, January 5, 2012

Goodbye Christmas......

Ok...ok... so what if I'm a week late for the whole end of year, putting away the Christmas decor thing.

  I work retail so it has still been Christmas in our house a little longer than expected. Of course this isn't really all that bad, one year my Hubby just HAD to have BLUE Christmas lights, (please don't judge me) those suckers stayed up half the year. Talk about a redneck Christmas in July, the Hubbs thought it would be very festive for our annual 4th of July party.  Finally I grabbed an end and just started yanking until they were all down...was not about to still have them up for Christmas again, he still hasn't found them....
really I have no clue where they could have gone ; )

Anyways, this is my first day off since the New Year started and I figured I would get to work saying bye bye to the Christmas Spirit (which will always live on in my heart)!

We really enjoyed embarrassing the crap out of Dixie dog, she HATES wearing those antlers but looks so cute in them.   And no...we did not provide all those presents, this is the result of the whole family coming together at our house and bringing all the gifts to unwrap together.

Loved every minute of it!


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  1. hi Angela!! Haven't seen you in forever; I hope you and your husband are well. Dixie girl is sooooo precious- I just love her and she so reminds me of Ella!