Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Year...New Things!

Really it's more of a new WHAT as in WHAT WERE WE THINKING!

Meet Cricket

Cricket is a tough little doggie that rode half-way across the country to come home with us, not that she really wanted to.  We had to bribe, coax, and lure this sweet thing into our car. 

It all started when we went to visit my Grandparents in Arkansas.

They have an adorable little pooch that when coaxed, or just wants attention will say those three little words that every pet owner dreams of hearing  "I love Youuu" 

Poor little Grasshopper she goes a little long on the you part. 
This is Grasshopper

The fisrt time Hubby heard this he was smittin!

He was so in love with Grasshopper that he planned on sneaking her into our luggage just to see if we could secretly nab this dog and take her home with us.  

Well that didn't work, she squirms too much and my Granny just gave us a look that said 
"Don't you dare" 
You know exactly what you are not supposed to be doing once you get that look,  so we unzipped the duffel bag and out hopped little Grasshopper. 

Now my Granny just loves my dear Hubby (I guess I should be grateful for that) so anything she can do for him is going to be done, knowing how much he fell for Grasshopper she just happened to mention that their are still pups available from her litter.  

Just to let you know, up until this point we have been strictly a big dog family (the cat doesn't count) so to find out that this manly man grrr.. that I am married to wants a little dog..? 

Complete Shock!

So the next day we went to see the pups from Grasshoppers litter that were left.  
These were not really pups,  she will be two in April.  
That said, she was pretty well bonded with her puppy family (all 10 of them). 

I have never seen my Hubby so patient as he was while trying to get that darn little dog to be his friend.  Eventually she curled up in his lap and stayed there almost the whole way home. 

Most people think that we were CRAZY to drive half way across the country in an MGB. 

Now people KNOW we are CRAZY for diving half way across the country in an MGB and then driving back across in and MGB with a dog, even a little dog counts as a dog. 

I know it's no bigger than our cat, but I have learned that little dogs are in fact Dogs!

Cricket has however adapted very well to her new family, 

See she's even sleeping in the dirty sheets with her new sister. 

Dogs will be dogs.


  1. ohhh Angela!! I LOVE this post and story!!! I love how your husband fell in love with Cricket! A good man indeed! How did both pups do when they met? Was it instant love? Do they play a lot? They look very happy together!

    Welcome to the family Cricket!!

    happy weekend!

  2. How wonderful to find the perfect new fit for your family! It's amazing how a dog can so quickly work its way into your heart.