Monday, January 17, 2011

Elements of my Dream Kitchen!

Hello Folks,  

Please forgive me for this but all of your Gorgeous photos are making me jealous,  not only am I feeling green but seriously right now I am wearing green, YUP I admit it I have been overcome by the Jolly Green Giant of ENVY!!

So with nothing else to do right now I am blaming you for my want and desire of a new Kitchen.

There are sooooo many beautiful kitchens being blogged about right now,  I feel like I have ants in my pants.  Trying really hard not to get up and run around the house pulling out all my paint swatches, counter top chips, cabinet designs, and the like..

Dont look at me like that...
I know you have them too!!!

Since I have to live in the world of reality in the real world, 
I figure there is no harm done for me to live in a dream in Blog world.

One day I will have my Dream Kitchen.... at least my Dream Kitchen 
for the house that I am currently living in.  

OH No!!! My worlds are colliding !!!

Nah... not yet but one day soon, the Hubbs might just come home one day to a kitchen with a big ol' hole in the wall!

Shh...I learned that trick from my mom, she took out an entire (load bearing) wall once while my dad was out of town,  then he found out he had a new project when he got home. 

Crazy women with sledgehammers are a scary thought =)

Blah, blah , blah.....this is just to build up your antici------------------------------pation!
 (Thank you Rocky Horror Picture Show)

Ta Dah!

Check out Joan's Kitchen over at
Note to Joan,

Really this is all your fault, ever since I saw your amazing Kitchen transformation I have been on my Hubbs like white on rice.  Luckily I already have a similar apron front sink from IKEA, now I just need everything else.     Thanks (sarcastic tone) - Hubbs


Kate has a beautiful Kitchen over at
Love her Range Hood, this is a must have!

Read about her Kitchen tips here this gal has some good advise.

Some of the other goodies on my wishlist include:

either -
beaded board backsplash
subway tiles


warm neutral tiles....either way that pot filler is going to happen!

I also want a long movable island to increase prep space and prop up people so I will have someone to talk to as I burn down my lovely dream kitchen.
(note to self..take everything out of the oven before preheating)

This is my dream island!!!

Long and narrow, perfect for my space, and an old time casual feel.
I think I can learn to cook just by looking at this island. 

Then again....
A fun painted piece could bring in some nice charm.

Next:  The Lighting

I have to say I LOOOVE having a ceiling fan in the kitchen, I know it's not as pretty...but man it's nice.  However I would love to put some pretty glass pendants over the island
(which ever one I choose)

These are so cool!

And for the Grand Finale........

Since whenever we do this, my dear sweet Hubbs will be doing most of the work,
I think he deserves a nice cold beer!

That's right....built in beer taps.

This set up is currently over at the neighbors house,  her husband was nice enough to add a spice niche as well.  Maybe I can get him to talk with my Hubbs!

All Right...that is where we will be taking our tiny galley of a Kitchen once I get the go ahead on demolition for the wall.  We will also have hardwood floors, and lots of other small details, but the jury is still out on those.

Thanks for dreaming along with me!!!


  1. hi Angela! How are you?! I popped in to see what you were up to; boy it's been a long time since you posted- hope all is well and that you are just super busy getting your kitchen^;) That was too cute, hope the hubs isn't still upset with me!!

    Hope you are having a good summer!

  2. I love this post! So inspiring!! I love dreaming about gorgeous kitchens too!! Those lights are amazing, aren't they?

    Your blog is lovely!! I've signed up to follow you!