Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Well hey there bog....

     Just and FYI if you plan to do any entertaining during the holidays or want to keep up with everyone in  blogland it would probably best not to work retail, damn the mall hours =(
Oh well it brings in lots of business and lots of sales,  and I have been very surprised but people actually seem to be in the Christmas spirit.
I even had one client who bought a diamond Everlon ring for her sister for Christmas, she went out to do a little more shopping and next thing she knew her bag with her sisters ring in it was gone.  Poor girl came back in bawling when she told us, can you imagine saving your hard earned money to get someone you care about a spectacular Christmas gift they will never forget and then have someone take it from you. I was livid for her..the NERVE of some people.
Then after we had quite some time to stew over it and get really worked up,  I answered the phone to a sweet young lady who said she found a bag in the parking lot with a diamond ring in it and a receipt so she called us.  Immediately all that stew we had been working on dissolved and we were so excited that our client was going to get her ring back, she was even more grateful and all because one person had a heart and thought about something other than what they could gain form the situation.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to all the people out there who have a heart and share it with others.


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