Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dining with just a hint of Spooky!

I'm sure that you have noticed from my previous fall/Halloween posts that I really don't get all into the Halloween spirit.  I do like to have a few little reminders around and I'm sure that when we have kids we will be drenched in Halloween gore.  For now however, I like the simple things that I don't have to spend much time removing when Oct 31st is over.

In my Dining room I have mixed some of my Halloween dishes with general fall dish decor. 
Usually I like to have a few things out that are for Halloween and Thanksgiving since they are both MAJOR fall Holidays. 

I LOVE the leaf shaped plates..you will be seeing much more of them in the following weeks. 

This is a candle thing that I stole from my mom (really I just raided the boxes she was throwing out )  it works well for Halloween.  I wanted to add a little spookiness to it so I used three napkin rings to put around the tea lights, I lost the fourth one so really this is the best use for them now. 

I like how the little bats are flying around the candles. 

This is my absolute favorite part of the Halloween dining experience.  See if you can tell why...

it's so subtle you almost miss these little guys.

They catch me off guard every now and then...
see I'm getting into the Halloween spirit I'm so into it I'm even scaring myself.  
Hehe...yeah I know I don't think that counts either.


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  1. loving that candleholder and those spiders! you don't want one of those falling in your food, you'd get an even bigger scare!

    thanks so much for stopping by the cape on the corner, and i'm so glad you enjoyed those pumpkins. aren't they amazing?