Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Falling into the season!

    Today was the perfect day to get the house ready for fall... nice and rainy outside with just a little bit of a chill in the air.  We lit ourselves a cinnamon scented candle to set the mood, and the Hubbs sat in his comfy recliner while I ran through the house and cozied it up with warmer colors and plush pillows.

This year I am determined not to spend ANY money on seasonal decorating, so I'm left to use what I have and come up with the rest. 
On the Mantel I love to have some height since it goes all the way up to the ceiling, so I filled a tall slender vase (Marshalls last year $7.00) with pine-cones and gumballs then stuffed in some clippings from the bushes in the front of the house. 

 I really didn't think about the pine-cones rising when I filled the vase with water but it gave me the height I needed and looks pretty cool too...although I'm sure I'll have to change the water fairly often.

Of course when you think about Fall there are always images of curling up in front of the fire with a cozy blanket so I made sure to have a few plush pillows and a throw across the couch.

I love that the rug has all of the colors that I want for fall.

When decorating for Halloween I really don't like to go all out with the Halloween theme until it gets a little closer, but it is nice to keep a few reminders of the upcoming trick or treat fright night out.   A few whimsy touches here and there are fun and helps to keep it on our minds.  

Take for instance our mini haunted house.

At the far side of our living room I finally got to use the old window I had picked up at the flea market, I really liked that the rustic and chippy look of it works so well with the fall decor.  For some reason the fall season always makes me long for an old farmhouse in the country. 

And of course a few more whimsy Halloween touches. 

Well that's about it for this room...moving on to the next!

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  1. Looks great. Love that you are using what you have on hand. I've been thinking I need to do the same thing instead of running out to Micheals and going crazy.

    I heart the display on top of your fabulous dresser. Simple and classic. Well done.

  2. You arrangement next to that chippy mirror is beautiful!

    Thanks so much for joining that party!

  3. Hi Angela! Thank you for visiting my blog! I really love your decorative touches~especially the display in your living room with the chippy window! The white vase with the apples and fall foilage is beatiful.

  4. such a nice space...i was just saying that it's been the perfect few days to curl up beside a fireplace. not that i have a fireplace, but when we are done our basement, i will!

    love that little haunted house!