Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Braided French Bread stuffed with Chicken goodness! YUM!

Those that don't know me.. and maybe those that do, usually aren't aware that I have a really strong desire to cook.  I love the way a home smells with warm food baking in the oven,  and how a table looks so welcoming with an entire feast laid out across it for you to savor and enjoy, mostly I just love food in general.  Which means I have come a long way from the peanut butter and jelly days of my childhood.

The only problem with this strong desire of mine..is I really suck at it.  

Granted I am getting better but we still have the lock option on our oven since I set the last one on fire twice by preheating with boxes in it. 

The first time was a pizza box, pretty funny if you can imaging three women (myself, my mom, my mother in-law) in the kitchen each taking our turns opening the door to the flaming oven, screaming, shutting the door, then it's the next one's turn.  Finally Hubbs comes charging in with the fire extinguisher to put out the flames. We had to finish cooking the meal at the neighbors ( thank God for our neighbors). 

The second was a plastic birthday cake box.  The melted plastic was what sent the poor oven to its grave.  I think I was more upset about the ruined cake than the oven.  Hubbs still says I did that one on purpose so I could get a new oven, he should know better that to think I would waste cake like that =)

Any whoo...  

I recently found a recipe for a Chicken stuffed French Bread that I wanted to try and figured would be great for fall, usually I do pretty well with recipes unless I feel like straying and adding my own flavor (not a good idea).  Thankfully I stuck with the recipe and the bread turned out great. I even was able to do the braid and it looked great....see!
I was so excited and proud of myself for how this one turned out, it even tasted good!
The bread is stuffed with a mixture of chopped chicken, bell pepper, mushrooms, basil, garlic, Mozzarella and Parmesan cheese, and a little mayo to give the stuffing a creamy texture. 
We just served it with spaghetti sauce as a dip, it made a great lunch and really was perfect for the first  cool day in fall! 

OK one more shot....

Doesn't it look scrumptious! 
Now I'm really looking forward to my next recipe to follow, hopefully it will turn out as well as this one did. 



  1. You are amazing. I want to eat my computer right now. :)

  2. Thank Crystal, I really don't think that your computer will taste as good, but you can give it a try.