Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fresh Eggs.....

          ........Cheap Therapy!

The thing about living with four little ladies in the back yard is you always have someone to talk to... you know...girl talk!

Someone who tells you like it is

Ok... so maybe they are a little judgmental with their quizzical expressions and constant bauking at your delimas.  Really the only good they do is let you voice your thoughts and listen to you as you figure it out for yourself. 

( Isn't that what therapist get paid the big bucks to do anyway?) 

 A rare picture with all four girls together.

Buff Buff (Buff Orpington - I know, we are not very creative with names) 
 is my bestest friend... she comes a runnin whenever I head out to the Chicken Yard and squats her little chickie butt down so I can pick her up. 

Really I had no clue chickens could be so domestic, Buff is more obedient than my dogs half the time.

 Big Red (Ameraucana - looks like a Hawk) she is our adventurous one,  you turn your back on her for one minute like your in the kitchen cleaning dishes and here come Big Red marching her silly self thru the front yard. 

next up...

Tweedle Dee and Tweele Dum (Silkies - The poodles of the Chicken world)
 Definitely not the smartest out of our chicks but probably the cutest.  Poor Dum (blue silkie) has hair that is so out of control she has a hard time seeing around her, for the most part she just follows Dee around by watching for her little white feet.  Very Cute!

.....and for bonus points.....

Every morning whether you want them or not! 

At the moment we don't have their coop finished yet so it really is like going on an egg hunt every day.   Unfortunately right now they are enjoying a wee little corner in the far back underneath their future roost, which means I get to crawl  *yes crawl* on my hands and knees thru the chicken poop to get my yummy eggs.  
Aren't they beautiful! 

I wonder how long I can just use them for decoration? 
All shades of blue, green, blush, and tan...once the silkies start laying we will have some tiny white ones thrown in the mix!

I love my girls!




  1. Such beauties (both the chickens and the eggs!). My brother left NYC and is now the proud owner of 6 hens and is enjoying the eggs too. Hope you get your coop done, it will make it so much easier for you I am sure.

    1. Thanks Winnie, I hope your brother is enjoying the calmer life outside of the "Big City" although hens can be a bit crazy at times so you never known ;) The Coop is almost done I will be so excited!