Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pregnancy Pack

...or as my husband has dubbed it the "yack pack".

I just recently found out that a good friend of mine is PREGNANT!!!!!   YAY!  I will have another baby close by for little A to play with.  And when I say close by,  I mean REALLY close by like close enough to be in shouting range. 

We are so excited! Mommie to be and I are already planning Easter egg hunts, and tea parties, and all those other fun things that are so much cooler when you have kiddos around to enjoy them.

Unfortunately in order to get to those FUN times, most pregnant women have to go thru the NON-FUN times.  I just recently came out of those non-fun times and hoped that she would sail through on a cloud of bliss, but I don't think that is going to happen.  When I heard she was starting to get the "please don't let me yack in public" type of feelings I went ahead and made her a very important tool to keep on hand at all times.

I made myself one of these to take on a trip to the Biltmore Estate,  lord knows there are plenty of bathrooms in that house but you can't use a single flippin one.  Really it is nothing but a tease!

Here is a list of the contents:

1. Every day brown paper bags
2. Diaper bags or Doggie bags
3. Tums
4. Travel size toothpaste
5. Gum
6. Wipes
7. Travel toothbrush

I like the paper bags because they are indiscreet, however on their own they leak and no one wants that mess getting out... so just stuff a diaper bag inside and it is leak proof, not to mention scented with arm & hammer,  and you can tie off the end to seal up all the mess.  These can be found in the baby department of any store, they are meant to hold dirty diapers. 

One thing that always made me feel better were some fruit flavored tums.

By the way.... I keep just about every cute little container I come across, anything that can be used for a project later on. 

I just filled up an old clear plastic container that a stamp came in with tums, and smacked a cute hand written label on the front. 

When I was little I stayed at a local community center during the day while my parents were at work.  I HATED it there, every day I would call my dad and tell him that I didn't feel good and that I wanted him to come pick me up.  He did for a while but eventually he caught on and stopped taking me home, instead he would bring me some tums and told me that they were "love pills".  I don't remember if they made me feel any better, but I could at least make it thru the day and I still call them that. 

The travel sized tooth brush and tooth paste are so she can get to a bathroom and freshen up,  the gum is for when there is not a bathroom close enough, no one wants that bad taste to linger.  However be warned... DO NOT pack her favorite gum,  after possibly months of associating it with sickness it will be forever ruined for her.

Fresh wipes are always good to have on hand for cleaning off face/hands or whatever else needs it.  

Package it all up together in an easily accessible bag and give the gift of prepared-ness!

side note: we are going to IKEA next weekend and MAN it takes forever to get to the bathrooms, perfect time for the pregnancy pack!


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