Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pottery Barn & Pinterest

Can you imagine a better combination?      
 not me!

I try not to get out to Pottery Barn very often... I love EVERYTHING in there!

But MAN when they have a sale they know how to do it right.  I always scavenge the clearance section,  sometimes I don't even go thru the rest of the store (especially if my bank account is already hurting).  

Luckily on my most recent visit there was some pretty good loot left from Christmas! I totally scored the "Colly Birds" ceramic bowl for $12.00!!!  (it was part of their 12 days of Christmas collection).  

For the moment it is acting as a cookie jar for the Chocolate and Cherry Shortbread cookies I made. 

Mmm...Mmm good and so easy... I really had no clue shortbread cookies were so easy to make (can you tell I don't bake much).   I found the recipe on Pinterest, you can see it here, typically adding walnuts to anything makes it better so that's what happened in my kitchen, but they are just as yummy plain.  

Thank goodness for Pinterest,  without it I would starve!


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