Friday, September 25, 2015

The Cutest Match Game EVER!

Hand made gifts 
are the BEST!

I have a little boy in my life and he's getting ready to turn two! 

He's got a head full of red hair that blends in perfectly with the blazing leaves of the fall, he is rough and tumble just as a little boy should be but with the sweetest voice that is filled with all the wonders of the world he's discovering.  

Although I sometimes pretend that he belongs to me and Ava seems to think that he is her little brother, 
this sweetie lives a whopping 20ft away from us. 

It's not often you find neighbors that you love like family so I know we have hit the jackpot with ours.  

We have an ongoing tradition in our family and with those "adopted" into our family of doing handmade gifts, it started one year at Christmas and just kept rolling.  So if there is ever a gift giving occasion please expect that it will be hand made and I will just assume that you love it to bits :)

Is this not the cutest little match game EVER!

 Each card was stamped then water colored

I just adore this little truck and filled it up with all sorts of fun stuff. 

After they were all done I had them laminated for durability and rounded the laminated edges for safety.  
Talk about a serious paper cut, those corners were sharp. 

Added Benefit:  
Since they are laminated the back side can be used with white board pens. 
Perfect for learning letters or numbers.   

Hope you enjoyed this crafty game. 


Disclosure: all stamps used are Stampin' Up products, however this post is not sponsored by Stampin' Up 
 I just raided the stamp collection of my sweet friend Tracy at Yankee Down South

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